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Fill Transform Tool

Post by Wingedge on Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:11 pm

used to adjust gradients or fills with images

To adjust a gradient or bitmap fill with the Paint Bucket tool:

1. Select the Paint Bucket tool.

2. Click the Transform Fill
3. Click an area filled with a gradient or bitmap fill.
Depending on the type of object you're painting you will see different handles:

a. Transform Linear Gradient Fills

b. Transform Radial Gradient Fills

c. Transform Bitmap Fills

4. Reshape the fill in any of the following ways:

a. To reposition the center point, drag the center point.

b. To change the width of the fill , drag the square handle on the side of the bounding box. (This option resizes only the fill, not the object containing the fill.)

c. To change the height of the fill, drag the square handle at the bottom of the bounding box.

e. To scale a linear gradient, drag the square handle at the center of the bounding box.

. To change the radius of a circular gradient, drag the middle circular handle on the bounding circle.

g. To skew or slant a fill within a shape, drag one of the circular handles on the top or right side of the bounding box.

h. To tile (repeat) a bitmap inside a shape, scale the fill.

Note: To see all of the handles when working with large fills or fills close to the edge of the Stage, choose View > Work Area.

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