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Constants & Events

Post by Wingedge on Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:47 am

_x = x axis of an object
_y = y axis of an object
_xscale = objects x axis scaling
_yscale = objects y axis scaling
_rotation = objects angle / rotation (degrees)
_xmouse = (root) location of mouse in x axis
_ymouse = (root) location of mouse in y axis
_visible = boolean value, hides / show a movie clip
_alpha = movie clips alpha value
_root = main movie
Key = Keyboard object
Mouse = Mouse object
this = current movie clip

onEnterFrame - triggers as long as that object is on the current frame
onLoad - triggers once, upon loading
onKeyDown - triggers when a key is pressed
onMouseMove - triggers when a mouse is moved
onMouseDown - triggers when a mouse is clicked

onClipEvent - triggers events for movieclip symbols

on - triggers events for button symbols

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