Adding/Modifying Scenes

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Adding/Modifying Scenes

Post by Wingedge on Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:26 am

Using scenes

Scenes work in a similar way to the Scenes used in a movie script although in Flash you can jump around a lot more. Scenes organise a movie into categories. For example, one scene can be for the preloader and another for the introduction. If you were a company you could also create scenes for your contact details, projects, credits etc.

Note: Scenes are a great way to organise your movie, however, they have their drawbacks. Some actions like 'Wait for Frame' when used across several scenes could pose a problem. In this case one long scene in a movie would be more ideal.

Scenes a good way to organize your content ... sometimes. Depending on what you're doing, scenes can help you break your movie into logical chunks.

Narratives (such as cartoons or slide shows) work best using Flash scenes.

Simulating web pages (with each page a different "scene") can also work well in Flash, depending on the complexity of the site, or the number of pages.

You can open up the Scene palette by pressing <Shift>+<F2>. This palette allows you to move between scenes, duplicate existing scenes or create new ones, and reorder existing scenes.

# Open a new Flash document. Using the Text Tool (T), type "First Scene" somewhere on the stage, large enough so that it is visible. Go to frame 30 and insert a Blank Keyframe (<F5>).

# Open up the Scene palette (<Shift>+<F2>) and change the name of "Scene 1" to "First" (double click on the name to change it).

# Insert another scene using the + symbol at the bottom of the scene palette. Using the Text Tool, type "Third Scene" on the stage, and change the scene name to "Third" in the scene palette. (I know we're going out of order, but just trust me for a minute!) Go to frame 30 of this scene, and insert a Blank Keyframe (<F5>).

# Finally, insert a third scene into the scene palette. Type "Second Scene" on the stage, and change the scene name to "Second" in the scene palette. Add a Blank Keyframe (<F5>) to frame 30 of this scene, and test out the movie. You will notice, of course, that you will see three sequential titles appear on the screen for a second each.

# Return to the scene palette, and click and drag "Third" to the bottom of the three available scenes, much as you would drag a layer to a different location on the timeline. Testing the movie, of course, will give you the desired outcome: three scenes appearing in the proper order.

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Re: Adding/Modifying Scenes

Post by chrisvie_cute on Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:57 am

walay limit sa pag-add ug scenes????
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