Adding a Motion Guide

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Adding a Motion Guide

Post by Wingedge on Sun Aug 03, 2008 7:25 pm

Motion Guides are paths where your motion tweened objects follow. Follow the following steps to create a motion-guided animation.


1. Create a graphic symbol or drag a pre-existing graphic symbol from library onto the stage. Name the layer as "graphic"

2. Right click on the "graphic" label and select "Add Motion Guide" from the pop-up window.

3. A new layer will appear on top of the "graphic" layer with the label "Guide:graphic" along with the guide icon.

4. Draw the path for your symbol in this new layer using pencil or line tool.
For example: I drew a circle for my car.

5. Select frame 50 of guide layer and press "F5" to insert frames.

6. Now go to "Frame 1" of "graphic" layer and drag your symbol to one end of your path. While dragging, you will see a bubble on the symbol. That bubble should go right below the path. Something like the one shown below.

7. Now go to "Frame 50" of "graphic" layer and press F6 to insert a new keyframe.

8. Now drag your symbol to other end of your path. Again, the bubble should go right below the path.

9. Select any frame between 1 to 50 of your "graphic" layer. Right click and select "motion tween" from the pop-up menu.

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